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  1. 發布時間:2020-09-25
  2. 工作地點:南京
  3. 職位類型:全職
  4. 來源:前程無憂(51JOB)
  5. 職位:Product Development Intern


  1. Engineering research and product development, applying design expertise to assigned projects, by that providing enough support in the design creation of products. Validating concepts from first principles and FE analysis


  2. Conceptualize new products to determine and assure their end-user application and manufacturability prior to being released to production.


  3. Presenting and communicating engineering research and innovation projects, by taking use of Innovation Process, from capturing the idea, through to commercial launch and project close.


  4. Interpreting and designing from specifications and standards.


  5. Identify and select the special characteristics of product and process;


  6. Do corrective and preventive measures in the process of product development, design, production.


  7. Generating new product concepts with FE softwares (Ansys, AVL, Patran/FEMFAT).

    利用有限元分析軟件(Ansys, AVL, Patran/FEMFAT)驗證產品設計。

  8. Liaising with material science to verify material suitability.


  9. Conducting scientific research, including patent and journal interpretation.


  10. Working and communicating with customers, suppliers, universities, research organizations and across the company at all levels.


  11. Participating in regular review meetings to provide updates on assigned projects.


  12. Recording lessons learned and applying them successfully on future projects.




Education 教育:


BS degree in Mechanical, Manufacturing or Marine Engineering.




  • Have experience working with Ansys, AVL, Patran, and Pro/Engineer softwares Master degree is preferred.




公司介紹:ThyssenKrupp AG Company Profile
ThyssenKrupp is a global integrated materials and technology group with almost 177,000 employees in more than 80 countries developing ideas and innovations to offer solutions for sustainable progress. In the 2009/2010 fiscal year they generated sales of more than EUR 42.6 billion.

Eight business areas focus the Group's activities and know-how in the strategic competency areas of Materials and Technologies. In addition to manufacturing materials and plants, the Group also provides complete system solutions and innovative services. We are continuously optimizing our portfolio to sustainably meet the demands of our customers.

More information can be obtained at our website: ww***com[點擊查看]



ThyssenKrupp in China
Our relations to China go back to the 19th century when Alfred Krupp met the first delegation from China on 27 July 1866. With around 3 billion US Dollar investment, today there are 64 ThyssenKrupp companies, joint ventures and Rep. offices in China, employing a total of approximately 10,000 people. The total business volume in China reached 1.7 billion EURO in 2009-2010.


The P.R. China is the major focus for our strategic investment outside Germany. Today, ThyssenKrupp Group provides products and services of most of its 8 business area also in China. With all its activities ThyssenKrupp is committed to transfer modern technology to China. One example is the magnetic levitated high speed train Transrapid, which links Pudong Airport and the Longyang Road Station in Shanghai.


More information can be obtained at our website: ww***.cn[點擊查看]

ThyssenKrupp Engine Components (China) Ltd.
ThyssenKrupp is investing 190 MUSD to build up a new fully owned plant - ThyssenKrupp Engine Components (China) in Nanjing Jiangning Science Park. The company will operate state of the art forging (鍛造) and machining (機加工) facilities for crankshafts and connecting rods for Mid-Range and Heavy-Duty engines meeting the requirements of EURO IV and above. The Start of Production is planned for Oct 2012.

The company will occupy a total surface area of 189,000m2 and will have about 1,000 employees when reaching full production.

Committed, skilled, and knowledgeable employees will be the key to the company success. Therefore, if you meet the requirements of the published positions and if you are ready to take on the challenge of this project, please apply via the e-mail address.
電子郵箱: hr.tkecc@thyssenkrupp.com.cn

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